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Hard Candy or Soft Gummy

Time : 2024-03-02

Consumers who choose hard or gummy candies today expect much more than just a sweet treat. Naturalness and health are becoming increasingly important factors in purchasing decisions, even for confectionery. At the same time, consumers are always looking for new, refreshing taste experiences.

Wuzhi Friend Food Technology Co., Ltd., located at Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo City, where is the Four Great Huai Medicine producing region. The factory covers total 13,000 square meters. The first stage construction has finished 8,000 square meters. The total investment value comes to RMB 120 million.

The factory is abundant with a group of experts and professors of 6 doctors, more than 30 postgraduates, more than 50 bachelors in Food, Chemical & Medicine majors.

Tacking the advantage of producing area and combination of producing and researching with Zhengzhou Academic Institutions, our mill mainly focus of Healthy Food and Raw Materials researching & producing. The main categories as: Solid Drink, Tablet Candy, Fast Food, Herbal Tea, Fried Nuts, Fruit powder, Dried Fruit & Pre-mixing Powder etc.

Our advantage:

1. It has multiple authoritative certification qualifications such as 100,000-level purification workshop, HACCP, ISO22000, GMP certification and export food hygiene registration, and has a complete product quality control and guarantee system.

2. Formula customization, texture, taste, color, and shape can all be customized according to product needs.

3. Packaging customization, creating a suitable brand style according to domestic and foreign market trends. Provide one-stop services such as packaging design

4. Strong production capacity and flexible and diverse cooperation methods.

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